The nuclear sector has to be protected from high level threats posed by terrorists

The sector implements a number of security measures to deal with these challenges they face.

Securiclad’s high security modular panel systems can be used to protect control rooms, servers, radioactive material storage sites, manned security outposts and much more.

Rated up to LPS 1175 SR5

Customised to your project

Bespoke panel design

No need for wet or hot trades on-site

Can be built new or retro-fitted

No delays or disruption

UK Government approved

Our high security modular panel systems are sustainable and environmentally friendly using recyclable materials

They are reusable and demountable meaning that at the end of a life cycle or at the decommissioning stage, they can be reused or relocated.

Our company complies to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and our systems can be installed by Securiclad’s preferred contractors, who have relevant nuclear site clearances.

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