Cargo areas within airports, ports and terminals can often be used to house dangerous substances as well as high value goods

These at-risk areas need a high degree of protection to prevent acts of theft, sabotage, vandalism and terrorism.

Securiclad acts as a high security barrier to protect these areas, and can resist sustained attack from a range of high powered cutting implements, and tools.

Rated up to LPS 1175 SR5

Customised to your project

Bespoke panel design

No need for wet or hot trades on-site

Can be built new or retro-fitted

No delays or disruption

UK Government approved

Securiclad provides additional protection to staff, who may be stationed in guard rooms at an airport or shipping port

Its quick and easy installation, allows minimal disruption to highly populated environments. It can also be retro-fitted to existing sites, and designed to be incorporated into an existing structure, such as a hangers or warehousing.

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