Protecting your data, IT hardware and physical infrastructure is crucial for businesses

Physical security breaches cause significant interruption to service levels.

Coupled with unapproved access to confidential data and physical damage such as the theft of, or damage to, high-value network equipment including server units, the secure enclosure of data centres is paramount.

Rated up to LPS 1175 SR5

Ensuring server rooms stay dust-free

Bespoke panel design

No need for wet or hot trades on-site

Can be built new or retro-fitted

No delays or disruption

UK Government approved

Securiclad can be used to create a secure environment within a new build, or retro-fitted into an existing structure

With a security rating of up to LPS 1175 SR5, the product is well suited for the protection of servers, IT hardware and sensitive data against a physical security breach.

The ease and speed of the installation process, coupled with its prefinished covering, negates the need for wet trades ensuring any disruption to operations is kept to a minimum.

The product is also hygienic, which is crucial in achieving dust free conditions required for a server room environment.

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