Water and power infrastructure can be vulnerable to attack by thieves, terrorists or vandals

Often, control facilities are situated on unmanned sites in remote areas, and in many instances if an alarm is triggered the speed the authorities are able to respond on-site drives the requirement for the installation of a secure structure.

Rated up to LPS 1175 SR5

Multiple colours & finishes available

Bespoke panel design

No need for wet or hot trades on-site

Can be built new or retro-fitted

No delays or disruption

UK Government approved

Securiclad is approved for Government use

It has a high security rating and is built to withstand attack by implements such as drills, sledgehammers, jig saws, felling axes and disc grinders: this makes it an ideal physical barrier with which to protect utilities infrastructure.

Securiclad’s speed and ease of installation minimises disruption to the operational function of the facility.

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