A solution was required to secure an existing building as a data centre, utilising Securiclad’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the secure room sector

The company relied heavily on Securiclad’s experience to provide them with accurate and up-to-date system information and a product solution suitable for their requirements.

LPS 1175 SR4

Bespoke suspended ‘infinity ceiling’

White dust free laminate

Accompanying doors & windows

Building a suspended, bespoke ‘infinity ceiling’ for a cutting edge effect

Due to the high-tech nature of the business the Securiclad team recommended a suspended, bespoke matt black ‘infinity ceiling’.

The ceiling measured 48m x 28m and was suspended with no supporting steelwork columns.

The aesthetic finish of the data centre walling was White Dust Free Laminate.

Complete compatibility with other construction elements including security doors

The Securiclad system is compatible with a number of security rated doors, louvres, bar-sets, windows and associated ancillaries.

On this occasion Securiclad worked alongside a well known security door manufacturer to ensure that a door with the required security level was provided in line with the desired aesthetic finish.