Securiclad was approached to create a data centre enclosure for IBM at their South Coast HQ

It had been identified that the existing portal frame design with external sheeting would benefit from an increase to physical barrier security. This solution would leave valuable server racks, IT equipment and sensitive data less vulnerable to acts of theft, vandalism or espionage.

LPS1175 SR4

Bespoke ‘infinity ceiling’

White hygienic

Fire rated panels

Retro-fitting LPS 1175 SR4 security panels

For the outer walls, Securiclad retro-fitted their LPS 1175 SR4 rated composite panels and system components onto the existing multi-storey portal frame – thereby reducing the amount of supporting structural steel required.

The installation comprised of a split level ground floor and first floor supported on mezzanine floor. Inner walls and ceilings were constructed using sister company Isoclad’s Firestop 10 composite panels.

Building & installing a bespoke black ‘infinity ceiling’

The aesthetic finish of the wall panels were White Hygienic. The ceiling on one of the internal rooms was designed with dark aesthetics and LED lighting to deliver the illusion of a starry night sky.