High security panels for bank vault protection

A major international contractor was commissioned to construct a triangular-shaped vault in the basement of a 70-storey building in Hong Kong’s Central district.

Securiclad was awarded the contract to provide an LPS1175 SR4 high security modular panel system as a security solution to protect the vault.

Securiclad’s flexible modular system provided the contractor with a system that could overcome the accessibility challenges created by the location and enabled it to be installed alongside measures such as high security vault doors.

High security wall panels

LPS 1175 SR4

Complex design and conformity to stringent specification

Lighter weight and modular construction

High security panels for a complex construction in one of the world’s technology epicentres

As one of the world’s largest cities known for prestige, finance and technology, the contractor needed a solution which would align with the city’s, and clients, expectations.

Additionally, the building is located on one of Central’s busiest streets so construction work could only take place after 8pm and the contractors needed materials they could move with ease and speed at night with minimal disruption.

Overcoming challenges pre-installation

The project’s construction was constrained by strict weight requirements, due to the structural load specifications of the building and its location above an underground Mass Transit Railway (MTR) line.

Every component of the vault’s construction material needed to be weighed in order to ensure that the total vault weight met those requirements – a key driver in selecting materials for the project.