Security Walls – Traditional v. Modular Build Methods

Security Walls – Traditional v. Modular Build Methods

When considering the composition of a security rated structure, as well as various modular options, there’s also the option of using traditional build methods.

At Securiclad we are aware that sometimes Material Costs in the context of an entire installation can be misleading and that often labour cost and down time on site can be the greatest project expense. We have teamed up with an Independent Free Lance Quantity Surveyor to compare the labour difference between three typical Securiclad installations as opposed to a multi layered traditional build.

The typical differences are outlined below:

In addition to the labour and time efficiencies of a modular build, there’s other things to consider such as waste disposal on site, equipment required to complete the installation and the disruption to the area. A traditional build would include several layers of steel, insulation, timber, plasterboard, and plaster/paint, which is a messy and disruptive process. In addition to this, the process of collating the materials for this will take time for deliveries and collections, as opposed to the modular product being delivered to site on the date required as a finished product ready to construct.

With a choice of over 50 colours of steel facing, the aesthetic finish of a Securiclad panel can be specified to match the current structure, match brand colours or camouflage itself into the space. This allows the customer to choose the finished look of the modular security wall, in the same way they would be able to select a paint colour for traditional build methods.

Overall, the exercise above shows the speed and ease with which modular security walls can be installed, and when taken into consideration alongside the labour costs of a traditional build, deliver cost savings and on-site efficiencies.

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